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Positive & Negative Commandments

Knowledge Base » Torah, The » Mitzvah; Mitzvot » 613 Commandments, The » Positive & Negative Commandments
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There are two approaches to Judaism, increasing the good or decreasing the bad. On Chanukah, and particularly on the fifth night of Chanukah, we emphasize the former by adding an extra light on each new day.
The Impact of Negative Mitzvahs
In this class we discuss how the active rejection of that which is contrary to the Divine Will impinges on Etzem Ohr (the divine essence). This is the source of the “distant makkiffim” that are drawn down through the negative commandments.
One Minute Meditation
Keep life focused and hit your target with intensity.
The Transcendent Source of Negative Mitzvahs
In this class, we will consider a metaphor illustrating how the experience of something negative can touch the essence of the self, regardless of personal stature, whereas the gratification afforded by any number of perceived positive activities has varia...
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