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Cleanliness; Hygiene

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With all the cleaning and cooking for Passover, it’s easy to lose sight of the inner meaning of this holy time. So, this year, let’s take steps to arrive at the Seder relaxed and inspired.
Mentally take inventory every few weeks, so that your hard work yields its ROI (return on investment), or keep a list of frozen items on your refrigerator door.
However you choose to express yourself, your world needs your creative response.
What do you do when you have no time to get things done?
It takes a tremendous amount of courage and effort to be really in touch with our own character defects and to humbly work on them.
Productivity isn’t just about a global initiative to be doing more; it’s about doing more of the things that bring us closer to our goals and reveal our true authentic self.
Just because you haven’t got your own butler doesn’t mean you don’t have anyone to delegate to.
Anyone else out there have a “to-do” list longer than the circumference of their home?
Day-to-day life does require a sizeable amount of decisions to be made. And understandably, there is a fair amount of stress attached to these decisions. Follow these tips to minimize decision-making anxiety.
You see that pile of unopened mail on the counter? Is it getting higher each day? Are new piles sprouting up all over the place?
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