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Netilat Yadayim (Hand Washing)

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Netilat Yadayim (Hand Washing): (lit. "washing of the hands"); the ritual washing of the hands upon rising in the morning, before eating bread, etc.
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Explaining netilat yadayim in the morning
I noticed the kids washing their hands by the bed in the morning. This seems like a crazy ritual to be done right near the bed, could you enlighten me?
To understand why, we first need to examine why we wash our hands in the first place.
In the morning, we alternate. But for bread, we wash each hand three times consecutively. Why the difference?
Question: Is it necessary to wash one's hands prior to the daily prayers? And how about before studying Torah? Answer: During the course of the day, chances are that our hands have touched areas of our bodies that are normally covered. After touching such...
A number of reasons are supplied for this washing: a) During the course of the night, our souls ascend to the heavenly realms, where they "recharge"; drawing renewed life and energy for the following day. At that time, our bodies remain with only the lowe...
Universal custom is to wash before eating the karpas vegetable and again before making the hamotzi on the matzah
We create a direct connection between recognizing the true source of the bread and enjoying it.
Question: What is the reason for the two-handled washing cup I've seen used for ritual hand-washing? If such a cup is not handy, can I use a regular cup? Answer: After the first hand is washed, it is clean and pure. The unwashed hand, however, is not. If ...
Generally, blessings are recited before performing a mitzvah—such as before eating matzah or before lighting the Chanukah candles. There are two exceptions. however.
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