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Herod: (d. 1 BCE) King of Judea, husband of Mariamne. He killed all the Hasmoneans and seized the rule. Fearing that the rabbis would challenge his authority, he killed them all, leaving only Bava ben Buta. Later, out of remorse for his cruelty, he had the Holy Temple completely renovated. The new structure was magnificent.
The Roman governors allowed lawlessness to reign. Arab gangs and corrupt Roman officers plundered and killed. Former High Priests formed their own militias to control the Temple.
11 BCE
After 334 years, the 2nd Holy Temple in Jerusalem (see "Today in Jewish History" for Adar 3) was in disrepair. In the year 19 BCE, King Herod I floated the idea of rebuilding and renovating the Temple. Though many Jews were wary of Herod’s motives, the re...
In Jerusalem, King Herod needed to be (somewhat) sensitive to traditional Jewish sensibilities. Not so in the (largely non-Jewish) coastal area.
Sadly, upon her death the golden years of Shlomis came to an end. Almost immediately, civil war broke out for the right of succession between her two sons Hyrcanus and Aristobulus.
A biblical history of the Jews
This class continues to describe the reign of the Herodian kings and the events leading to the fall of the Holy Temple to the Roman Emperor, Titus.
A biblical history of the Jews
After the Hasmonean victory in the times of Chanukah, there was a period of in-fighting within the Hasmonean dynasty. Much of this conflict broke along ideological lines of Pharisees and Sadducees. Ultimately, this gave rise to the rule of the usurper Her...
An inside view of the Temple. Where on Temple Mount was it built? Was the Temple Mount always as large as it is today? How many gates were there?
The Kings of Israel, Judea and Onward
Although the Jews did not require a king in their ideal state, Moses foresaw that the need for one would arise.
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