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Chaim Miller

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Torah in Ten: Tzav
Topics include: The prohibition against extinguishing the fire on the altar as an instruction to banish negative attitudes, the Zohar's explanation of why an impure earthenware vessel must be broken to become pure again, how Aaron and his sons reached the...
Torah in Ten: Vayikra
Topics include: The Zohar’s explanation of the small-sized letter aleph in the first word of this portion, the prohibition of sacrificial fats as a warning against “spiritual obesity,” and sacrifices as the ultimate act of supra-rational altruism.
Torah in Ten: Pekudei
Topics include: How to protect oneself from the "evil eye," the Tabernacle as a physical representation of a spiritual archetype, how the tapestries of the Tabernacle represent a "foretaste" of spiritual attainments to come.
Torah in Ten: Vayakhel
Topics include: Why G‑d created the world with language, the lid of the ark as a metaphor for the human heart, and the importance of living an “integrated” lifestyle.
Torah in Ten: Ki Tisa
Topics include: How the half shekel donation rectified the masculine aspect of the soul, why we have ten fingers and ten toes, and Aaron as a reincarnation of Abraham’s brother Haran.
Torah in Ten: Tetzaveh
Topics include: Kohen, Levi and Israelite as the "core emotional building blocks of the universe," the spiritual reason why there are twelve tribes, and the seven day process of inaugurating the Tabernacle as a culmination of the Seven Days of Creation.
Torah in Ten: Terumah
Topics include: The symbolism of gold, silver and copper in the Tabernacle; the debate between the philosophers and the kabbalists as to whether G‑d can create a square circle; and how the scarlet, turquoise and purple wool of the tapestries of the Tabern...
Torah in Ten: Yitro
Topics include: Jethro as a reincarnation of Cain, how we draw the Ten Commandments of Torah into the Ten Utterances of Creation, and why the revelation at Sinai is the basis for our belief in Moses.
Torah in Ten: Mishpatim
Topics include: the kabbalistic meaning of “an eye for an eye,” the prohibition against cooking a calf in its mother’s milk as a precaution against spiritual narcissism, and why the Torah describes G‑d as a “consuming fire.”
Torah in Ten: Beshalach
Topics include: Why it took forty years to complete an eleven-day journey, the spiritual symbolism of the splitting of the sea, and the power of song to preserve the emotional power of a moment.
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