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Chaim Miller

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Torah in Ten: Naso
Topics include: Why the Levite family of Kehat carried the Ark containing the Tablets, why a Nazarite must allow his hair to grow and may not drink wine, and a mystical explanation as to why we have ten fingers.
Torah in Ten: Bamidbar
Topics include: How the census of the Jewish people teaches us about the power of speech, the commandment for the Levites to guard the Holy Temple, why Torah was given in a barren desert.
Torah in Ten: Bechukotai
Topics include: The definition of true perfection as the mixture of perfection and corrected imperfection, reward and punishment as cause and effect, why it's so difficult to perform your appointed mission in life.
Torah in Ten: Behar
Topics include: What the Rebbe told the president of the United States about the meaning of the Sabbatical year, the importance of Mt. Sinai being a relatively small mountain, and the spiritual symbolism of the Jubilee year.
Torah in Ten: Emor
Topics include: Why a person born into Torah observance needs more encouragement than one who chose that way of life; how oxen, sheep and goats represent different types of human egos; and the importance of speaking softly.
Torah in Ten: Kedoshim
Topics include: A homiletic interpretation of the mitzvah to leave the corners of the field unharvested, the beard as a symbol for the flow of Divine blessing, one reason why a person's soul might reincarnate as an animal.
Torah in Ten: Acharei
Topics include: How two of Aaron's sons shared the same soul, which days and months are times of Divine mercy, a mystical explanation for the mitzvah of covering the blood of a slaughtered animal.
Torah in Ten: Metzora
Topics include: Where the Torah hints to the spiritually purifying powers of water, why the greatest blessings are often hidden within disaster, the connection between immersing in a mikveh and Moses' forty days and nights on Mt. Sinai.
Torah in Ten: Tazria
Topics include: The pain of childbirth as a lesson that G-d does not bring upon us burdens that we cannot handle, different shades of tzaraat lesions and their correspondence to different degrees of spiritual sickness, the seven day quarantine of the lepe...
Torah in Ten: Shemini
Topics include: Moses and Aaron as they represent masculine dominance and feminine nurturing respectively, sin as a "spiritual pollutant" and how it brought about the gruesome deaths of Aaron's two sons, the positive lesson we can learn from them.
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