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Bishul Akum

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Parshat Devarim
By forbidding Jews from eating food cooked by non-Jews, our sages intended to create a social barrier between Jews and non-Jews in order to prevent intermarriage.
In addition to the basic kosher laws (such as the kosher species of meat and fish, and the separation of meat and dairy), there are several other kosher considerations. Here are some of them . . .
You are correct that certain food cooked entirely by a non-Jew may not be eaten by a Jew. Here are a few paragraphs from the Chabad.org Kosher Handbook: Certain foods which were completely cooked by a non-Jew (bishul akum) may not be eaten, even if the fo...
There is an element to the kashrut of baked and cooked foods that has nothing to do with what's in them
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