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The Theology of Needing and Being Needed
Does G-d love us or does He need us? Does He care whether or not we do mitzvot? Is being vulnerable a weakness? Rabbi Friedman tackles these questions and more as he describes the Jewish view of an omnipotent G-d who asks us to serve Him.
What parent can resist the desperate cries of his or her child? The call of the shofar is our raw guttural cry to our Father in Heaven.
I know that for my daughter’s own benefit, I must follow the rules of the game. But with each roll of the dice, with each turn that she takes, I am inwardly holding my breath, secretly longing for her victory . . .
A story of two young Holocaust survivors
A young bride and groom...A noble spirit...A show of true love...And acts of absolute beauty. How do you define "beauty"?
Are you giving recognition to those who deserve it?
Does the universe have intelligence and consciousness; is it not far more complex than the human brain?
"But why do You hide?" I asked. "To make room for you," G-d replied.
Am I loving you, G-d, the way you want to be loved?
A person can be spiritual and even religious without Torah. Why then does Torah insist on a defined set of rules? In addressing this question, an age-old debate between Issac and Ishmael is analyzed, yielding a surprising outcome. (Based on Likutei Sichos...
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