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G-d and Man

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"Portion", "lot" and "inheritance" in our relationship with the Land, in the daily choices of life, and in our our identity as G-d's "Chosen People"
At the very last moment, as the dramatic denouement drew to a close, they had a fleeting moment of remorse. And that was enough to deliver them from their fate.
On which choices will we focus? The “big” ones, over which we have no control, or the “small” ones, which are entirely in our hands?
Pairs of lots—one from each box—were drawn. A Temple priest was there to prophesy each pick. To top it off, the lottery tickets themselves miraculously announced each pairing of a tribe with its portion of land.
Pinchas could have made a simple calculation. Here stand Moses and Aaron, other prominent elders and leaders and they are all silent. Who am I to step forward?
In order to bring Moshiach we have to tap into our yechidah to draw G-d's essence that is beyond existence into the world.
Korach's sons, however, did not die. Classic Questions What happened to Korach's sons? (v. 11) Rashi: They were the first to get involved in the conspiracy, but during the dispute they had thoughts of teshuvah (repentance) in their hearts. Therefore, a se...
Have you ever wondered why pop-up ads always offer licentious opportunities, and never Torah or mitzvah opportunities?
Our day is comprised of a mesh of constants and variables. Getting out of bed every day: a constant. What time we get up: a variable. But isn’t change preferable over the predictable? Can we all agree with the teenage motto, “Normal is boring”?
In the portion of Pinchas, we read about the sacrifices brought on the Temple altar. There were Shabbat, new month, festival and even daily offerings. Every day, two yearling lambs were brought as “constant burnt offerings. The first lamb you should do in...
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