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“Rebbe, I don’t understand,” the disciple asked. “When you were here, your prayers protected us. But now that you are in heaven—and your spiritual power is even greater—all these terrible things are happening . . .”
Try ignoring your parents. Not only is it possible -- it often feels right and necessary. After all, they let you do it. Sometimes they even seem to want you to...
A fundamental principle of the Jewish faith is that there are no “intermediaries” between G‑d and His world; our relationship with Him is not facilitated by any third party. So what is the role of a rabbi, a rebbe—indeed, a Moses—in Judaism?
You are the children to the Lord your G-d (14:1) From my own flesh I see G-d - Job 19:26 From the diary of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok of Lubavitch: Thursday, 14 Sivan 5662 Serebrinka[June 19, 1902] It is an hour now since I returned from visiting the abandoned ...
Jews were the first to believe that an entire nation could govern itself in freedom and equal dignity. This has nothing to do with political structures, and everything to do collective moral responsibility.
The Sabbatical year is associated with two mitzvot: 1) The land must be left unplowed and fallow. 2) All personal debts are canceled. There is a connection between these two precepts.
Does the human being really enjoy freedom of choice? Is there really a difference between the human and all other creatures which G-d created, which are bound by their G-d-given nature—for better or worse?
If you thought life’s tests were over when you finished school, guess again.
Does a moral life equal good fortune? Do things always go right for you if you're a "religious" person?
The month of Elul is the city of refuge, separating himself from his sinful ways, from his desires.
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