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G-d and Man

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Think about your deepest wish. I don't mean an ice cream sundae or new shoes; I mean something that strikes at your very core. How would you feel if someone made this wish a reality? Well, that's how G‑d feels when we live right...
I like to believe that there is a song to the universe. That beyond the daily hustle and bustle, there is a tune to which life is playing, and that our task is to learn the rhythm of the Divine plan and fall into step with it.
I know that for my daughter’s own benefit, I must follow the rules of the game. But with each roll of the dice, with each turn that she takes, I am inwardly holding my breath, secretly longing for her victory . . .
From Above, love pours down, even as we lock the door.
When I write, I wait. I meditate. But then the bizarre happens. As the letters fly from my fingers, I lose control. The seed that started this process is growing on its own.
A story of two young Holocaust survivors
A young bride and groom...A noble spirit...A show of true love...And acts of absolute beauty. How do you define "beauty"?
I would like to think that if I mess up, G‑d eagerly awaits my return, and when I perform a mitzvah, G‑d is pleased. But this contradicts everything I was taught about G‑d...
Are you giving recognition to those who deserve it?
The Bible (Genesis 1:26) states that man was created in “G‑d's image.” What does this mean?
Rappers Who Found their Soul through their Music
People get to wake up to music that tells them, "It's a beautiful world; open up your eyes, see the sun shining. There's a real reason why you're born.You have a mission. And your mission is sacred."
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