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Soul of Torah, The

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How is it unique, and where do I get some?
Judaism has a body and a soul. The two dance in harmony, in a wondrous union of seeming opposites. The soul finds expression through its embrace of the body, and the body comes alive through its fusion with the soul. We call the body of Judaism halachah. ...
The Five Books of Moses, Lesson 3
This lesson presents the mystical inner dimension of Torah, described in Kabbalah as the “soul of Torah”—affording us a powerful connection to the author of Torah’s divine wisdom. Get a taste of examples where we peel back the simple meaning and uncover t...
The Zohar teaches that every word in the Torah reflects higher wisdom and higher secrets.
The Zohar teaches that every word in the Torah reflects higher wisdom and higher secrets.
The Rebbe pleaded with my grandfather—and no doubt wrote similar letters to many other persons in position of influence—to “do whatever is in your power to find and save these children.”
The Torah and Its Clothes
Torah, you say, is divine wisdom. So why is it full of animals' hooves and fish's scales, goring oxen and adulterous human beings?
Discussions with Experts on Tanya
Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
Nobody has died and come back to tell us this information. Where does it come from?
Which is it-- "O all who thirst, come for water" or "My words aret like fire"? Obviously, we much prefer to consume our studies than to be consumed by them...
How could you mend a fracture so deep, such a hole in the heart of humanity? ... Would it be possible to search out every Jew in love as Jews had once been searched out and hunted down in hate?
The deeper meaning behind the different opinions in the Talmud and commentaries regarding the menorah’s spatial alignment inside the Temple, and regarding the identity of its miraculous “western lamp.”
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