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King Jehoiachin of Judea

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King Jehoiachin of Judea: (Also known as Jechoniah.) Son of King Joiakim. Reigned in 434 BCE. At the age of eight, Jehoiachin inherited his father’s crumbling kingdom, and after three months and ten days of his reign, Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judea, plundered the Temple, and brought all the Judean notables, including the king, to Babylon as captives. Nebuchadnezzar appointed Jehoiachin’s uncle Mattaniah as tributary king and renamed him Zedekiah.
A biblical history of the Jews
Concluding our lessons on the Jewish kings, this lesson covers the last kings of Judah from the reign of Hezekiah until the final king, Zedekiah, in whose time the First Temple was destroyed.
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