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King Josiah of Judea

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King Josiah of Judea: Son of King Amon, ascended the throne at age eight, upon his father’s assassination. Reigned from 476-445 BCE. An exceedingly beloved and righteous individual, he purged idolatry from Judea more thoroughly than any of his predecessors. During the renovation of the Holy Temple, which Josiah had ordered, Hilkiah the high priest found a Torah scroll written by Moses, which spurred a national return to Mosaic values and practices.
Josiah attempted to stop Pharaoh Necho of Egypt from attacking Assyria and was killed in battle. All his subjects mourned his death. Jeremiah eulogized him as “the breath of our nostrils; G-d’s anointed.” Josiah was succeeded by his son Jehoahaz.
Josiah, Discovery in the Temple, The Prophetess Huldah, Spiritual Revival, Military Strength, War against Egypt; Josiah's Death
The kings of Judah. Bamos. Prophecy. The destruction of the First Holy Temple. Gedaliah.
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