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Sennacherib: (d. 548 BCE) King of Assyria, he conquered all the areas surrounding Judea. He then threatened to conquer Judea and asked for its surrender—while blaspheming G-d. King Hezekiah prayed for deliverance, and that night all the Assyrian soldiers – hundreds of thousands of them – were killed by an angel of G-d. Defeated and shamed, Sennacherib returned to his capital Nineveh where he was slain by his own sons.
Sennaherib Besieges Jerusalem, Rabshakeh's Message, Miraculous Liberation
Hezekiah's Piety, Political Strength, Conspiracy against Assyria, Sennaherib's Punitory Expedition
and the bravery of King Hezekiah
About 2500 years ago, a great king reigned over Judah in the land of Israel. He was a great scholar, very wise and pious. He reigned with justice, and taught his subjects the Torah and wisdom of G‑d. There was not a child from Dan to Beer Sheba, and from ...
Throughout the ages, the location of Noah’s Ark has been a subject of fascination, with some even claiming to have found it.
A scion of the royal Davidic dynasty, Isaiah became one of the preeminent prophets of Israel during the first Jewish commonwealth.
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