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King Manasseh of Judea

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King Manasseh of Judea: Son of the righteous King Hezekiah. Reigned from 533-478 BCE. Practiced many forms of witchcraft and idolatry and erected idols and pagan altars in the Holy Temple. The prophets, including Isaiah, admonished him and warned that G-d would exile the Judeans for such conduct. The Assyrians captured Manasseh and brought him to Babylon, where he returned to G-d. He was brought back to Jerusalem, where he reigned an additional thirty-three years. Manasseh was succeeded by his son Amon.
Manasseh's Evil Reign, Manasseh's Punishment, King Amon
The kings of Judah. Bamos. Prophecy. The destruction of the First Holy Temple. Gedaliah.
A biblical history of the Jews
Concluding our lessons on the Jewish kings, this lesson covers the last kings of Judah from the reign of Hezekiah until the final king, Zedekiah, in whose time the First Temple was destroyed.
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