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King Hezekiah of Judea

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King Hezekiah of Judea: Son of King Ahaz. Reigned from 562-533 BCE. An extraordinarily righteous and pious king, he eradicated all forms of idolatry, restored the Holy Temple as the spiritual center of Judea, and reinstated many of the laws of the Torah that had not been practiced in the past. The Talmud writes that Hezekiah was worthy of being the Messiah. Hezekiah strengthened Judea's political independence, re-conquered many territories, and refused to pay tribute to Assyria. The Assyrians, who had vanquished all the surrounding nations and exiled many of the Israelites, laid siege on Jerusalem, mocking the Judeans' hope that G-d would save them. Hezekiah prayed to G-d. The prophet Isaiah assured him that G-d would not abandon them. During the night, many hundreds of thousands of Assyrian soldiers miraculously died, and the remnant of the army fled back to Assyria.
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