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King Ahaz of Judea

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King Ahaz of Judea: Son of King Jotham. Reigned from 578-562 BCE. Worshipped many idols. During Ahaz's reign, the Edomites and Phoenicians attacked Judea and annexed some of their land, but Ahaz's main nemeses were Kings Rezin of Aram and Pekah of Israel, who invaded Judea and carried off many captives. Ahaz successfully implored King Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria to save Judea, sending him treasures from the Temple and his palace. Ahaz then adopted Assyrian pagan practices and replaced the copper altar in the Temple with a replica of an altar he had seen in Assyria.
New Influx of Idolatry, Ahaz Desecrates the Temple
For an informed reading of Isaiah 43:21–44:23
“Who would fashion a god or a molten statue that has no purpose?”
Pleads with the People, G-d's Complaints, Blames Leaders, Justice and Righteousness, G-d's Kingdom on Earth, Israel's Future Glory
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