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King Uzziah of Judea

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King Uzziah of Judea: Son of King Amaziah. Reigned form 631-594 BCE. Uzziah built fortifications and organized a strong army, equipped with the most sophisticated weapons of the day. He conquered land from the Philistines and the Arabians and forced the Ammonites to pay tribute. Uzziah also developed Judea’s natural resources, digging wells, breeding cattle, and growing vineyards. Uzziah tried to offer incense in the Temple, a service reserved exclusively for the priests, the descendants of Aaron. He was immediately stricken by leprosy and lived in quarantine for the rest of his life.
Uzziah's Forceful Reign, Uzziah's Sin
The kings of Judah. Bamos. Prophecy. The destruction of the First Holy Temple. Gedaliah.
Although tzaraat was a skin illness, it had a spiritual element to it. In the Tanach, we find quite a few individuals who were plagued by tzaraat.
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