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Athaliah: (d. 700 BCE) A member of Ahab's family, mother of King Ahaziah. After Ahaziah's death, she killed his potential heirs and ruled for six years, using her influence to suppress the true prophets and to support Baal worship. She was killed when Jehoiada revealed that Ahaziah's son, Joash, was still alive.
Joram's Evil Reign, Joram's Punishment
Jehoshaphat's Prosperous Reign, Jehoshaphat's Military and Political Strength, Jehoshaphat's Alliance with Ahab, Jehoshaphat's Further Exploits
For an informed reading of Kings II 11:17–12:17
In which we read how Jehoiada made what is probably the earliest recorded form of a tzedakah box.
A biblical history of the Jews
After the split of the monarchy, the descendants of King Solomon rule over the Kingdom of Judah in the south. In this lesson we learn about the reigns of the kings from Rehoboam through Joash.
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