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Torah study or prayer? Man or Woman? A transcendent perspective or an emphatic view? Two pathways through life, and two consolations in the future redemption...
What type of request does va'eschanan signify?
At times of maximum vulnerability, people tend to gravitate to the sanctuary of their faith, hoping to ride out the hard times under Judaism's shelter.
What does it mean to "lengthen" the echad ("one") of the Shema?
Home in the womb, on the road of life, lying down in the grave, and waking up in the world to come . . .
The life of a person is divided into days, and every day is divided into morning and evening.
When we are called to concentrate, we often find it difficult to do so.
In the portion of Vaetchanan, we are introduced to the Shema, the second verse of which begins with the command: “And you should love G‑d . . . ” When it comes to loving, you either do or don’t. You cannot be made to love. How then do we fulfill this comm...
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