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Parshat Parah

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Parshat Parah: (lit. "portion of the cow"); Torah portion concerning the mitzvah of the red heifer, read on Shabbat in the second half of the month of Adar.
Following Purim, comes the third seasonal Torah Reading – this time focused on ritual purification for the severest level of impurity engendered by contact with death. Heralding the requisite preparation for the key Paschal Offering, the rhyme and reason ...
The weekly portion from the Prophets
This class studies the text of the haftarah for parshat Parah (the special portion about the Red Heifer); elucidating the context behind the narrative and its relevance to the theme of the parsha.
On the Shabbat prior to the month of Nissan we read a special Torah portion which details the laws of the red heifer; an offering used to cleanse the ritually impure before bringing the Paschal lamb.
Preparations for Passover now begin in earnest. On the home front, Operation Chametz-Free House kicks into high gear. On the synagogue front, we supplement the weekly Torah readings with two special Pre-Passover readings.
Moses was baffled when G‑d described for him the impurity contracted through contact with a corpse. Why?
Exploring the weekly reading from the Prophets, known as the haftorah, its connection to the parsha, and the beautiful messages to take away.
This year, as in many other years, the Torah portion Shemini is read on the Shabbos that precedes Rosh Chodesh Nissan. There is yet another connection between this Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh Nissan, for this Shabbos is also “Parshas HaChodesh,” the Shabbos ...
The reading for Parshas Parah begins by setting out the laws for the purification of an individual who has become ritually defiled by coming in contact with a corpse. This defilement is called tumas meis. In relation to this the MidrashBamidbar Rabbah 19:...
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