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Chutzpah (9)
Courage (46)
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Excuses (14)
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The squire asked Shmuel to bring the priceless diamond he had inherited from his parents. All the guests waited breathlessly to behold this rare, precious gem . . .
Upon hearing the verdict of the beit din, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman turned pale. Never in his life did he imagine that he would be required to take an oath in court!
It was a drastic move, but they felt they had no choice. They fasted and recited Psalms all day. Evoking ancient Kabbalistic formulas, they asked to be given a sign that night in their dreams.
“One of us is a thief! My lord, I’d like for you to have each of us swear that he didn’t steal the money. That way we’ll find out which of us is the thief!”
Ethics 2:12
After a year, he said, “If I leave the barley any longer it will spoil, or mice will eat it up. When these poor fellows return, there will be nothing left.”
Ethics 2:1
By the time Eliezer Reuven realized his mistake, both peasants had already gone home. The honest smithy was so upset that he closed his shop, and set off on foot to refund the peasant’s money.
The man was horrified. 'Please believe me,' he pleaded, 'I paid your saintly father a few days before he passed away...'
Rav Anan had unwittingly caused an unjust verdict.
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