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King Rehoboam of Judea

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King Rehoboam of Judea: Son of King Solomon. Reigned from 797-780 BCE, and did not follow the righteous path of his father and grandfather. Disregarding the advice of his father's counselors, Rehoboam ruled with a heavy hand and levied high taxes, prompting ten of the tribes to rebel, secede from his kingdom, and establish the “Kingdom of Israel” with Jeroboam as its king. The southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin (and Levi) remained faithful to Rehoboam. During Rehoboam's rule, in 792 BCE, Shishak the king of Egypt attacked Judah, seizing many of Solomon's treasures.
Judea's Spiritual Strength, Rehabeam's Sin and Punishment
King David. King Solomon. Rehoboam and the Division of the Kingdom. Jeroboam.
End of Solomon's Reign, Solomon's Spiritual Influence
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