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There are certain general pointers which apply equally to almost all people. Here are a few of the most important ones . . .
Jewish mysticism teaches that marrying a soul mate is far deeper than just meeting your destiny. Discover the ultimate meaning of soul mates.
If you work on yourself, improve your character, and refine yourself to a new spiritual plane, then your soulmate changes.
Blind spots keep us from achieving happiness and fulfillment in ourselves and in relationships. They also create negative patterns with the kind of person we attract. While frustrating, these patterns can clue you in to changes you need to make; if you’re...
Poetry of Yehoshua November
The Talmud says that a man’s soulmate is chosen for him before birth. A poem dedicated by the poet to his wife.
The Jewish slave can be given a slave-wife only if he does not already has a Jewish wife.
The Jewish slave can be given a slave-wife only if he does not already has a Jewish wife.
Marriage in Jewish thought is not two people working together towards the same cause; it is the merging of two beings into one.
Your soulmate is the other half of your soul, the missing part of your very being. You can only recognize your soulmate if you first get to know your own soul...
Question: My friend's husband is such a fine, good person. I envy her for this man she has, and feel like I may be falling in love with him. Help! Response: My friend–who wears the same size dress as I do–had a stunning gown that I wanted to borrow to wea...
Is there any guarantee that each person will meet his or her soul mate and will find someone who truly loves them? Time and again I have had my heart broken and my hopes dashed...Is there really someone out there for everyone?
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