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Adonijah: (d. 837 BCE) Son of King David. Toward the end of David's life, Adonijah proclaimed himself his father’s successor–an act that was immediately countermanded by David. Eventually he was killed by his brother, King Solomon for an attempted act of treason.
The Problem of Succession, Solomon Anointed, David's Last Bequests
For an informed reading of I Kings 1:1-31
As David had many sons, there was going to be a need to clarify who would be the heir to David’s throne.
A biblical history of the Jews
The events of King David’s later years, starting with the famous story of his relationship with Bathsheba. We also learn of the rebellion of his son Absalom. The class ends with the anointing of David’s 12-year-old son Solomon as his successor.
For the Haftarah of Chayei Sarah, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The Jewish dynasty started with Abraham, but must go through Isaac and his son, Jacob. Everyone who comes from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob is intrinsically Jewish.
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