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Doeg the Edomite

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Doeg the Edomite: (9th century BCE) When David was fleeing from Saul, Ahimelech, a priest in Nob, provided him with food and weapons. Doeg, the former head of the Sanhedrin who had abandoned the path of the Torah, informed Saul what Ahimelech had done. Saul ordered the execution of the 85 priests in Nob, and Doeg himself carried out the execution.
David in Nob, David in Gath, David in Adullam, The Treacherous Doeg, David Saves Keilah, David and Jonathan Meet Again, David in Ziph, David Spares Saul's Life, Death of Samuel, David and Nabal, David Spares Saul Again, David in Ziklag
"Gate of Reincarnations": Introduction to Chapter Nine
Destiny, reincarnation, marriage, and soul-mates are all detailed in the Kabbalah
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