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Giving of the Torah

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Giving of the Torah: Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
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Torah (11,105)
“Moses received the Torah at Sinai.” (Ethics of the Fathers 1:1) Torah means “instruction” or “teaching.” Torah is G-d’s instruction to Mankind. Incorporated in the Torah are Mitzvot for Jews and seven Mitzvot for Gentiles. A Mitzvah means a commandment, ...
A mitzvah is a ring of betrothal, connecting a finite being to its infinite Creator.
The Study of the Torah, 613 Precepts, Hebrew Calendar, The Festivals, A Holy Nation
The Preparations, The Revelation on Sinai, The Ten Commandments, Moses Receives the Torah
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VI, p. 107ff. I. “And on the third day, when it was morning, there were sounds (Kolos) and lightning; and there was a heavy cloud on the mountain. And the sound (Kol) of the shofar [resounded] very powerfully... And the sound (Kol) o...
Two Approaches to the Giving of the Torah The Torah introduces the Ten Commandments with the verse, Shmos 20:1. “And G‑d spoke all these words, saying....” Our Sages Mechilta on this verse. explain the word leimor (“saying”) as indicating that the J...
Slavery in Egypt. The Exodus. Receiving the Torah. The 40 years in the Torah.
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