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Giving of the Torah

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Giving of the Torah: Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
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Torah (13,295)
Rabbi Yosef, the Talmud relates, would celebrate Shavuot, the Festival of the Giving of the Torah, with a unique banquet. The puzzling statement he said in connection with the feast is the subject of this class. Probing the layers of the Sage’s words reve...
The double miracle at Mount Sinai tells us when to aim upwards and when to bring it down.
Parshat Yitro
The Bible is the world’s best-seller, providing practical guidance to living a higher life. Here are 10 nuggets of wisdom that can change your life.
Just how do you propose to run a nation if not modeled on the cosmic pyramid?
Many claim to know what happened millions of years ago. Yet regarding what took place only over 3320 years ago, the giving of the Torah by G‑d, doubt is raised. If you’re in doubt, here’s something to consider.
A Taste of Text—Yitro
The gateway to tolerance is humility; but humility must be tempered with healthy and guarded self-assurance.
What We Heard and Saw at the Giving of the Torah
Gain insight into the transformative nature of the giving of the Torah at Sinai.
History and Facts by Dina
The Story of Shavuot Video: Ten for the Price of One Video: Moses for President Video: Underage Underwriters Shavuot Crafts Shavuot Recipes
A 60-Second Clip
The Mitzvah ATM is about to dispense the Torah in honor of the holiday of Shavuot. One snag, though: It wants trustworthy guarantors...
The Jewish people studied Torah and observed its precepts long before they actually became obligated in them at Sinai. Moreover, the Ten Commandments were composed largely of laws already commanded to the non-Jewish world. What, then, was so important abo...
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