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Besamim (Havdalah spices)

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Besamim (Havdalah spices): (lit. "spices") Spices or other aromatic plant or fruit used during the Havdalah ceremony marking the close of Shabbat
In the course of Havdalah we sniff at aromatic spices and gaze at a braided candle. What are the reasons for these practices, and how exactly are they done?
What is Havdalah? ... When to Havdalah...The Ingredients... Recite the Introductory Verses ... Blessing on the Wine...Smell the Spices ... Look at the Light ... Say the Havdalah Blessing ... Wine & Wax...Farewell to the Queen
Prior to the birth of my oldest child, I actually found myself looking forward to this rite of parenthood, waiting to be introduced to diaper changing. At first it was not bad, not much of a challenge. More recently, however, as my son approaches his seco...
Learn some reasons you may have known, as well as some that are bound to surprise you.
Shabbat and the Havdalah Service
Our sages tell us that on Shabbos we are endowed with an “additional soul.” Upon her departure at the conclusion of Shabbos, we inhale the aroma of spices in order to “restore” our soul, which pines after the additional soul that has now left. But what is...
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