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Theater and Drama

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Drawling cowboys, squeaking doors, crazy monologues greet you from the Bresler's answering machine. Don't hang up, you've reached the right number...
Dudu Fisher: From Broadway to Holy Days
"My first big Broadway act," Dudu Fisher recalls, "was my refusal to work on Shabbat. No Friday night show; no Saturday matinee. No one did it before, to my knowledge, and I honestly don't know if I'd be tough enough to do it again..."
Part 3 of a series on Nature and Miracles
Why would an infinite Oneness create a finite, fractured world? For the same reason that a musician forces himself within the confines of a small wooden box with strings. Or a poet within the rigid structure of a sonnet.
Via modern theater, we can gain insights into the nature of the infinite.
If Tevye’s Judaism is anything to go by, don’t you think it’s time for an updated version?
Can you recognize the beauty and uniqueness of the gifts you do have? You have so much going for yourself. How could you possibly be discontent?
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