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Naaseh V'nishma

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Naaseh V'nishma: Doing before understanding
"Ya Habibi!" cried a stubbly-cheeked vendor with a checkered headdress, "but first let us have tea..."
In preparation for the giving of the Ten Commandments, G‑d says to the Jewish people: “And now, if you will truly listen to My voice, and you will keep My covenant, then you will be a treasure to Me ... ” The giving of the Ten Commandments is considered t...
Chana Question: How are we considered "chosen" if G‑d first offered the Torah to other nations? Answer: The Midrashic account Midrash Sifri, Deuteronomy 343. that G‑d first offered the Torah to all the other nations, who rejected it, before offering it to...
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