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Naaseh V'nishma

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Naaseh V'nishma: Doing before understanding
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Torah (12,448)
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Prior to mass revelation at Sinai, our ancestors were asked if they were ready to become the recipients of the Torah. Unanimously, we responded with the [now] famous declaration “Na’aseh v’Nishma; first “we’ll do” (obey), and then “we’ll listen” (learn).”...
Kabbalah reveals who is the true King of the Purim story.
Kabbalah reveals who is the true King of the Purim story.
Chana Question: How are we considered "chosen" if G‑d first offered the Torah to other nations? Answer: The Midrashic account Midrash Sifri, Deuteronomy 343. that G‑d first offered the Torah to all the other nations, who rejected it, before offering it to...
Is it possible to understand Torah without a hands-on approach?
"Ya Habibi!" cried a stubbly-cheeked vendor with a checkered headdress, "but first let us have tea..."
To many, Judaism represents intellectualism, analysis, study, and questioning. While it’s true that as Jews, we place great emphasis on a critical education, there’s another necessary ingredient before we’re ready for any of that.
Deed vs. creed. Action is what matters.
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
The Talmud continues to present homiletic analysis and insight into our faithful acceptance and unquestioning readiness to obey when we exclaimed, “We’ll Do and Listen,” before knowing what it was all about! Rather than an important historic happening, ou...
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
The straightforward Torah narrative indicates collective willingness and joyous commitment by our ancestors; however Midrashic tradition seems to tell a very different story, which includes coercion by dint of extraordinary pressure and extreme consequenc...
In preparation for the giving of the Ten Commandments, G‑d says to the Jewish people: “And now, if you will truly listen to My voice, and you will keep My covenant, then you will be a treasure to Me ... ” The giving of the Ten Commandments is considered t...
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