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Parshat Shekalim

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Parshat Shekalim: (lit. "portion of shekels"); Torah portion concerning the mitzvah of the half-shekel, read on the Shabbat before the month of Adar
The Torah reading of the Shabbat that falls on or before Adar is supplemented with G‑d's commandment to Moses regarding the giving of the half-shekel.
It is befitting that we look back over last year and laugh at ourselves a bit.
It is befitting that we look back over last year and laugh at ourselves a bit.
The original Half-Shekel contribution is presented as a relationship repair medium with G-d (famously framed in terms of a cosmic marriage), which was weakened by the tragic (adulterously defined) Golden Calf debacle. This annual event is thusly portrayed...
The introduction of a well-documented, but little-known new beginning on the Jewish calendar serves to place this unique Torah Reading in its proper context. Once establishing its origins in the Temple eras of antiquity, we move on to analyse its function...
A 45 second insight on Parshat Shekalim
The half shekel teaches us how we are so vulnerable and yet so powerful.
Five layers of meaning to the mitzvah of giving half a shekel.
On the Shabbat preceding the month of Adar we read the Torah portion of shekalim – the giving of the half shekel.
Money plays a large role in many people’s lives, but does it have any spiritual value?
With Parshat Shekalim we begin the process of preparing ourselves for the holiday season. The first step in this process is quite surprising . . .
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