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Marriage of Isaac & Rebecca

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A Lesson in Giving
Surrounded by a group of able-bodied men, Eliezer did not appear as a helpless, weary chap begging for a drink. And Rebecca was a young woman of nobility, not a poor servant girl accustomed to lugging water from wells . . .
Had Isaac and Rebecca met in the modern age, their courtship might have looked something like this. Isaac would notice Rebecca at the well . . .
Something Spiritual on Parshat Chayei Sarah
What comes first, love or marriage? The Torah reframes the meaning of love.
Great blessings such as these do not come as the result of any particular ability we may have or lack.
Exemplifying the defining character trait of our people
All the fearful stories he had heard about how whites treated blacks seemed to be coming true.
The Marraige of Yitzchak and Rivkah
Ch. 24, verses 50-67: Continues with the story of Eliezar bringing Rivkah to Yitzhok as a wife.
To what extent is a person really free? To a great extent, one might feel, we are simply a product of our backgrounds and environment: our parents, upbringing, and education, not to mention any trauma we may have experienced in early life. Indeed, for thi...
Dear Rabbi, The story is told in Genesis of Abraham’s faithful servant Eliezer’s search for a wife for Isaac. We read his prayer on approaching the city where he is to find her (24:13-14): Behold, I am standing by the water fountain, and the daughters of ...
How to Study Torah - Chayei-Sarah
Abraham dispatches his servant, Eliezer, with clear instructions on how to find a wife for Isaac. Eliezer finds Rebecca almost immediately and an extremely unusual conversation follows.
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