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By the millions, Obama motivated us to register to vote. Excited by the prospect of change that Obama is promising, many of the new voters, and many of the veterans too, voted straight Democratic...
In a political culture where votes are cast based on party policy rather than personal conviction, where more often than not an opinion is based simply on the fact that the opposing party holds otherwise—one person stands out as a beacon of light.
Why do dictators habitually schedule rigged elections? Why not just abolish them? Is there anyone – within that country or internationally – who believes that these election results express the will of the people?
It turns out that the "someone outside wanting to speak to the class participants about the election" was a New York Times reporter. She had her sound-bite...
Submitted by Rabbi Menachem Posner, a good friend and a member of Chabad.org's "Ask the Rabbi" team. Super Tuesday came and went and I stayed home. Since I turned eighteen I have always taken the opportunity to exercise my right and duty to participate in...
Does a victory in New Hampshire matter?
It doesn't add up. Why do the candidates expend so much time, money and effort on a seemingly trivial contest when substantially more consequential races are on the horizon?
A Jewish understanding of what leadership really means
Leadership is one of those qualities that, as soon as a person begins describing his or her own mastery of it, you can’t help but feel that in fact they don’t have it . . .
With millions of people voting (and millions more having already voted), the question looms large: Why vote?
We present the sources. You decide.
Taxation, immigration, health care. What is the Jewish perspective on the hot button issues of today? Drawing on sources from the Torah, this course examines hotly debated contemporary political issues from an authentic Jewish perspective.
Duck, here comes some mud...
It has been said that negative campaigning is "as American as Mississippi mud." So is there anything we can do about it?
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