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Yichud (wedding)

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Kiddushin (17)
Nisu'in (4)
Immediately after the chupah, the bride and groom adjourn to the "yichud (seclusion) room," where they spend a few minutes alone. There are legal as well as practical reasons for this practice.
The Kabbalah of Marriage
The final stage of the Jewish wedding ceremony (following the chupah) is the ‘yichud’ room, wherein the bride and groom share private moments together in seclusion. Discover the oneness represented in this space of privacy.
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The symbolic consummation of the wedding takes place in a private room after the ceremony. This is not custom, but a firm requirement of the law that must be testified to by witnesses. It is the final act of chuppah that seals the marriage. When the coupl...
Two Lights - Betrothal and Marriage
Two Lights - Betrothal and Marriage
Judaism’s perspective and insight into the profound meaning, beauty, romance and mystery of marriage can be discovered by exploring the meaning behind the seemingly technical details of the law.
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