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Question: My mother passed away recently. During her burial, two doves flew by, stopped, and watched the service without making any noises. What is said about doves in Jewish sources? Answer: In Song of Songs, the moving love depicting the loving relation...
"ויהי ביום השמיני...ויאמר משה אל אהרן קרב אל המזבח" “It was on the eighth day...And Moshe said to Aharon, ‘Come near to the altar.’ ” (9:1,7) QUESTION: When the Mishkan was completed, Moshe acted as Kohen Gadol for seven days and trained Aharon. On the ei...
Elisha's sacrifice for wearing tefillin and the miracle that saved him
For R. Jannai said: Tefillin demand a pure body, like Elisha-the-man-of-the-wings. What does this mean? — Abaye said: That one must not pass wind while wearing them; Raba said: That one must not sleep in them. And why is he called 'the man-of-the-wings'? ...
This prayer of peace is said every day in the Amidah. It is wrapped around the dove. Her wings are spread so she may fly around the world to spread a prayer of peace for all. In her mouth is a golden olive branch with 12 leaves to represent the 12 tribes....
(My Dove in the Clefts of the Rocks—Song of Songs 2:14
Artist’s Statement: Israel is comparable to a dove.
The Zohar teaches how Children manifest the spiritual light of the Parents.
The Zohar teaches how Children manifest the spiritual light of the Parents.
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