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Shaliach: (lit. "emissary"); commonly denoting emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe involved in Jewish outreach work
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Shaliach (26)
Just three years ago I thought Chabad was trying to “reel me in” to a hardcore religious lifestyle. That’s what they do, right? But no matter how many times I spent Shabbat dinner with them, I never felt pressured to do anything...
Aliza Silberstein
A rare peek into the everyday life of a Lubavitch emmisary to Russia's Far East...
There's lots of warmth in Alaska
I wondered who lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and the eclectic group at the Greenberg's Friday night table answered my question. People just like you and me.
The Bible relates that King David coronated his son, Solomon, during his own lifetime. King David, however, continued to rule until his own passing. How can two kings rule simultaneously, especially in light of Torah’s teaching: “There is only one leader ...
21 Menachem Av, 5744 · August 19, 1984
In discussing the mechanism of legal agency, Jewish law sees the "principal" working through the "emissary" in three possible ways: 1) The emissary's final achievement is attributed to the principal 2) The emissary's every action is attributed to the prin...
An interview with Rabbi Mendy and Chaya Chitrik, the Chabad shluchim living in Turkey.
Rebbetzin Chana Vigler, co-director of Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens in Florid, joins in on a wonderful discussion on the important role of Jewish women and how the Rebbe's teachings inspire Chabad women emissaries in their vital work.
Raised in the Congo, Debbie Bensaid now moves with her husband to Africa’s Ivory Coast to open a new Chabad center.
Rabbi Eli and Sterna Chaikin establish a new Chabad center in the Caribbean
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