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Parenting; Parenthood

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There is only one thing like the love of a mother for her child . . .
The maturity and confidence of an adult psyche can be gauged by its ability to face criticism. Yet, criticism may not be the best method for cultivating this maturity in the child.
As parents, we often focus on high-level, headline principles. When you think about it, sometimes “small things” have more impactful lessons.
At the Passover Seder we read of the four sons. Each son is actually an insight into an element of your child’s relationship.
We wish parents that they will have "nachas", Jewish pride, from their children. Yet, raising children today can be challenging. Here is some Torah guidance for parents.
Why Isaac loved his wicked son Esau
The power of a single word
A parenting workshop on cultivating healthy self-esteem
This presentation provides a counter-intuitive approach and techniques for how to effectively praise children to increase their confidence in their own abilities.
Parenting and raising kids
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