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Take the world at face value, and it won’t let you move forward. You’ll have to bridle every impulse, carefully balance every step—and even then, for every step forward, you could fall back two. You’ll have enslaved yourself within an Egypt of your own ma...
The Talmud tells the story of a thief who prayed to G-d for success. Is this thief a believer or not? If yes, what is he doing thieving? If not, then why pray to G-d? The answer is that he does believe, only his belief is peripheral and he has not interna...
Meditation is your means to make wisdom your own.
G-d said to Noah: Come, you and your household, into the ark (7:1) The Hebrew word for ark, 'teivah', also means 'word'. "Come into the word", says the Almighty, enter within the words of prayer and Torah study. Here you will find a sanctuary of wisdom, m...
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