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Focused Intentions
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman provides a first entry into authentic and practical Jewish meditation. Taking us step by step through the words of the first morning prayer, providing imagery and concepts for mindful focus.
Rabbi Infinity teaches the meditation of all meditations—one that might just save your life.
Simple, easy to remember meditations, designed to keep you living fully in the moment.
Stress. Anxiety. Distraction. These are all maladies of twenty-first century life. But what if you could outwit them? For centuries, Chassidic teachings have held the answer: Simple, easy to remember meditations, designed to keep you living fully in the m...
How one person is answering the Rebbe's call
Experience a taste of meditation inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
A Practical Training Session
Spiritual teacher, Rabbi Laibl Wolf, leads a workshop at Chabad of Oxford. He describes various focussing techniques and leads the group in a meditation exercise.
The Sages of the Talmud ask: “Why does G-d allow the sun and moon to exist, if they have become objects of idolatry?” They answer: The forces of nature are positive and beneficial; should God destroy His creations only because of the fools who worship the...
Meditative thought and life based on Jewish mystical traditions, ancient and modern. What is the nature of and our relationship to consciousness, reality, suffering, and spiritual practice?
Many have noted that the Habad systems of contemplation, developed from the late 18th till 20th centuries, owe a clear debt to Maimonides. This paper seeks to examine the question in more detail.
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