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Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah: (lit. “son of the commandment”) a Jewish boy who reaches the age of thirteen, the age of adulthood in Jewish life, thus becoming religiously responsible for his own conduct; also refers to the event marking this milestone
(Taken From Sefer HaMinhagim (English translation) p. 173) 1.   One should endeavor to arrange that a bar-mitzvah should be called to the Reading of the Torah for his first aliyah on a Monday or Thursday morning, or at Minchah on Shabbos. A dire...
The official maamar (discourse) recited first by the fifth Chabad Rebbe and since then by all Chabad boys on the occasion of their Bar Mitzvah, translated and annotated in an accessible format, with additional chapters on customs relating to a Bar Mitzvah
By the Grace of G-d 26th of Nissan, 5714 Brooklyn, N.Y. [April 29, 1954] Sholom uBrocho: I have received your invitation to the Bar Mitzvah of your elder son Avrohom Josef, which will take place on Shabbos, p. Emor, 5th of Iyar, and I wish you Mazzal-Tov ...
By the Grace of G-d 25th of Adar II, 5714 Brooklyn, N.Y. [March 30, 1954] Greeting and Blessing: After a long interval, I was pleased to receive a Gruss from you through Rabbi Shem Tov, and also your letter of March 15th. Although you write that business ...
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