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Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah: (lit. “son of the commandment”) a Jewish boy who reaches the age of thirteen, the age of adulthood in Jewish life, thus becoming religiously responsible for his own conduct; also refers to the event marking this milestone
A Lesson in Respect
Of course I wanted to honor my Zaydie and his memory, but I also wanted to honor my son and his choices for his special day. Then I took an even deeper look at the situation. Maybe there was something more sinister. Maybe the real concern was how I would ...
What inspired my eighty-eight year old grandpa to finally celebrate his bar mitzvah
"Go find someone else to bother," he shot back at me. "I want nothing to do with you!" My head was spinning; I was hurt inside, yet knew I had done nothing disrespectful. Obviously, what I represent—being a religious Jew, wearing a beard and a kippah on m...
Helping Holocaust Survivors Wrap Tefillin
My thoughts kept pulling me back to the Kotel, the Western Wall. It had been too long since I had been there.
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