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Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah: (lit. “son of the commandment”) a Jewish boy who reaches the age of thirteen, the age of adulthood in Jewish life, thus becoming religiously responsible for his own conduct; also refers to the event marking this milestone
Religious Maturity
A boy attains his religious maturity and becomes responsible to fulfill all Torah commandments at the age of thirteen; this milestone is traditionally celebrated with a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.
14 Tammuz, 5749 • July 17, 1989
An audience with overseas visitors, Bar Mitzvah boys and Bat Mitzvah girls, and grooms and brides.
Rabbi Sholom Spalter is on the faculty of the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, New Jersey. Before his Bar Mitzvah, his father wrote to the Rebbe. The Rebbe’s memorable response changed his Bar Mitzvah, as well as those of his children. (1967)
Rabbi Shlomo Majeski recalls an audience that he had with the Rebbe on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah. After asking him to share the words of Torah that he would speak at his Bar Mitzvah, the Rebbe offered some words of his own. (1963)
The Rebbe blesses Bar Mitzvah boys to grow up to be chasidim, G-d-fearing, and a Torah Scholars.
Rabbi Nochum Cohen is an educator and rabbi serving the needs of diverse Jewish communities across Israel. During a trip to the United States in the 1970s, he had an audience with the Rebbe.
Despite autism, Zalman Diskin celebrates his bar mitzvah at his parents Chabad center in Munich, Germany. His parents share the painful challenges of having an autistic child and their personal journey of heartbreak and frustration to faith and acceptance...
Orphans from across Israel celebrate their bar-mitzvahs together
One hundred eight tragedies, 108 orphans, and 108 victories. Here is the story of one of the boys who was part of Colel Chabad’s annual bar mitzvah celebration at the Kotel.
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