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Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah: (lit. “son of the commandment”) a Jewish boy who reaches the age of thirteen, the age of adulthood in Jewish life, thus becoming religiously responsible for his own conduct; also refers to the event marking this milestone
Entering Adulthood
What is the deeper significance behind the Jewish adolescent rite of passage? Insights . . . Resources and tools . . . Special milestones.
What you need to know about reaching the age of bar mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah in Short Bar mitzvah is Hebrew for “son of commandment.” When a Jewish boy turns 13, he has all the rights and obligations of a Jewish adult, including the commandments of the Torah. From that date, he will wear tefillin on a daily basis, part...
Parshat Vayishlach
Calculating the bar mitzvah date, the privileges and responsibilities of the bar mitzvah boy, and laws and customs associated with the bar mitzvah celebration.
I reflect on their lives and realize that they don’t belong to me. That they never did. A part of me lives in them, but they belong to themselves...
A Lesson in Respect
Of course I wanted to honor my Zaydie and his memory, but I also wanted to honor my son and his choices for his special day. Then I took an even deeper look at the situation. Maybe there was something more sinister. Maybe the real concern was how I would ...
Simeon and Levi—Paradigms for a Bar Mitzvah Boy?
Why did Simeon and Levi kill the people of Shechem? Were their actions morally justified? Morally imperative? And why do they serve as the prototype for the law of bar mitzvah, the Jewish boy’s attainment of maturity and responsibility?
Question: At what age does a Jewish man have his second bar mitzvah? Is it any different than the first time around? Answer: Though some people symbolically celebrate a second bar mitzvah at a later point in life, the bar mitzvah essentially marks the day...
What inspired my eighty-eight year old grandpa to finally celebrate his bar mitzvah
"Go find someone else to bother," he shot back at me. "I want nothing to do with you!" My head was spinning; I was hurt inside, yet knew I had done nothing disrespectful. Obviously, what I represent—being a religious Jew, wearing a beard and a kippah on m...
Be’er Sheva, Israel’s ornate Pyramid Synagogue hosted a joint bar mitzvah ceremony for dozens of public school students, replete with a choral performance.
Some 50 boys and girls celebrated their entry into Jewish adulthood in a joint ceremony at S. Petersburg, Russia’s famed Great Choral Synagogue.
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