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Itaruta Diletata (Arousal from Below)

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Itaruta Diletata (Arousal from Below): (Aramaic, lit. "arousal from below"); an initiative taken by man by performing mitzvot and good deeds, which elicits a reciprocal response from G-d
Episode 1
Can Rabbi Infinity prevent Miri and Feivel from abusing kabbalistic technology? Can the world survive a five year old’s tinkering with the parameters of existence? Watch this first episode in a five-part thriller that will have you on the edge of your sea...
Now, on orders from the Big Boss, Heaven Disincorporated offers you the opportunity to partner in this cosmic venture of giving life. For every penny you give to sustain a life in your microworld, Heaven Disincorporated pledges to zap your macroworld with...
Having mastered the building blocks of the alefbet--the vav and the yud--Miri discovers the secret of letter number one: The Alef. It's the secret of making one out of many.
As any relationship expert will tell you, while the “grand gesture” is certainly the first step to rectifying a relationship, it cannot end there.
Why was the more holy object broken, while the less holy stayed whole?
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