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Jerusalem Talmud

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Jerusalem Talmud: the edition of the Talmud compiled in the Land of Israel at the end of the fourth century
How there came to be two different Talmuds, and how they differ from each other.
The Jews in Exile
After the recording of the Mishnah came the era of the sages known as the Amoraim, whose discussion became the basis of the Talmud.
The Holiday of Purim
Mordechai’s and Esther’s different roles in the Purim story, and their influence on the way in which the megillah was ultimately written and canonized as part of the Bible.
Rabbi Pinchas Menachem Alter visits the Rebbe. As brother of Rabbi Simcha Bunim Alter, the Gerer Rebbe who established the daily study cycle of the Jerusalem Talmud, the Rebbe discusses the importance of publicizing the success of this study movement, to ...
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