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Tanach: The bible; acronym for Torah (i.e., the Five Books of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (the “Writings”; i.e., the Hagiographa).
English translation with Rashi's commentary
English translation of the entire Tanach with Rashi's commentary. Translation edited by esteemed translator and scholar, Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg.
Scroll Down - Part 2
Lesson 2: Moses and the Non-Prophets
Given the incomparable significance of the Torah, what is the function of prophecy and of the prophetic books, the Neviim (“Prophets”) and Ketuvim (“Hagiographa”), composed after the Torah was given at Sinai? And why did the era of prophecy end?
Question: I've always had a hard time reading the stories in Bible because the whole thing sounds like a soap opera. It seems like everyone is always going through different troubles. I don't understand why there are constant ups and downs and such hardsh...
Text Based Study of Scripture
Learning Tanach
Study the sacred text of the Torah from the section of the Prophets and Writings (Ketuvim).
A biblical history of the Jews
Ezra and the Second Temple
After the seventy-year exile in Babylon, many of the Jewish people return to their homeland under the leadership of Ezra.
Stories of the Tanach
A Biblical History of the Jews
A history of the Jewish people as detailed in the books of the Tanach (Jewish Bible), beginning with the book of Joshua.
Verses: When G‑d taught Moses the Torah, He also taught him the proper pronunciation and punctuation of its words: vowels, grammar, and sentence set-up—i.e. verses (pesukim). Similarly, the authors of the respective (divinely inspired) books of Prophets a...
These are the foundational texts of Judaism. Here’s what’s inside them…
The Torah, or Chumash, refers to the Five Books of Moses, also known as the Pentateuch. It comprises the first five books of the Torah.
Scroll Down - Part 1
Lesson 1: What Torah Thinks of Torah
What is the “literary” significance of the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai? The unique status and function of the Five Books of Moses within the biblical canon.
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