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Simeon ben Gamaliel I, Rabbi

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Simeon ben Gamaliel I, Rabbi: (d. 70 CE) Mishnaic sage, Nassi of the Sanhedrin during the years immediately preceding the destruction of the Holy Temple. He died during the siege of Jerusalem, and was succeeded by Johanan ben Zakkai.
Rabban Gamliel I was succeeded by his son, or as some say, his son-in-law, who took over the spiritual leadership as Nassi during one of the saddest periods of Jewish history. The yoke of the Romans became ever heavier, and oppression made the spiritual a...
Ethics 1:18
Reaching under her cloak, she pulled out a beautiful golden lamp and placed it in front of the judge. “I want you to summon my brother to your court. I know I can rely on you that justice will be done.”
Ten great sages were brutally tortured and executed by the Romans.
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